I was having back pain so extreme I couldn’t walk. The PCP I was seeing said it was lumbar facet syndrome and listed physical therapy as one part of my treatment plan. So I did some research and finally decided on Associates PT. Jarrol took the time to listen to my symptoms and believed there was disc involvement. I’m young, so my PCP didn’t want to have any imaging done to check, but Jarrol pushed for me to get my PCP to order an MRI (physical therapists cannot order these in the state of Texas). After getting an MRI done, it turns out there was disc involvement (like Jarrol thought) which was causing sciatica in my right leg. She prescribed an amazing treatment plan with a variety of stretches and exercises, most of which I still adhere to even though I’m no longer a patient there. One time in particular, I could barely get out of bed. I called to cancel my PT appointment, stating there was no way I could do the normal regimen of exercises. She got on the phone and said, “If you can drive here, get here. We need to get you walking today.” And that entire appointment was solely geared towards just that. She adjusted the entire hour (I think that time was an hour and a half) on the fly. I have to give tons of credit not only to her (much love for her!), but also to the rest of the staff. The massage therapist there is amazing. She knows just what muscles to target, even if you don’t. Recently I was sore after working out, and I was wishing for a massage from her (lol). Jarrol’s assistants are also awesome. Very personable and knowledgeable. The desk clerks are great too. Any time I had to do paperwork for work or insurance (which was sometimes last minute because insurance can be like that sometimes), they had whatever I needed same day, usually within an hour. A great group of people who really focus on you. During my treatment, they utilized stretching, strength training, heat therapy, electrotherapy, massage therapy, and decompression to get me back to my normal self. I cannot say enough good things about this place. There’s no way I’d be able to be this active again if I had not gone to this place. You will not be sorry if/when you decide to come here. And they gear exercises to all ages. I’ve seen young gymnastics/other kids, adults, and geriatrics getting treated here. I don’t typically write reviews, but this one has been a long time coming. Thank you to everyone at Associates Physical Therapy for all your help and care!!!

Heather Smith

Highly recommended. Great staff. Fun environment. They care about your health and progress.

Jake Cashion

My son loves going. Jarol is amazing! Highly recommended!!

Krissie Kinser

I have been coming here over 7 months for a shoulder replacement.They are an excellent physical therapy center.The therapists are very caring and attentive.There are massage therapists also on staff. I think it is an excellent facility.

Peggy Kinser

Great people, helping young gymnasts thru more mature adult with respect and integrity.

Heather Appleby

Good people!!

Theresa Deupree


Willie Davis

Professional stuff, nice and kind.

d hammer

Fantastic staff located in a well equipped, safe friendly environment.

John Rowe